Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day of Change: Participation in the Summer Journalism Visitation Program changed one Gator’s life forever -- Red Team

By: Kiely Huynh and Michele Kuhn

Telecommunications and production major Samrenee Green works as a student assistant at SJVP. 
For Samrenee Green, a junior at the University of Florida, life was changed significantly when she participated in the Summer Journalism Visitation Program.

Her high school career began in a magnet program for engineering at Blanche Ely High School. This involvement in engineering led Samrenee to enter the University of Florida as an Engineering major.

Although she was in the engineering magnet program, Samrenee was a participant of SJVP in her junior and senior years of high school. She also was involved in the Florida Scholastic Press Association beginning in her freshman year, and was a part of the Student Television Network during her junior and senior years.

The experience of SJVP and her love of television production weighed heavily enough on her mind to convince her to change her major. Both her experience as a participant in SJVP and her involvement as a volunteer in her first year of college ultimately pushed her to become a telecommunications major in her sophomore year.

Samrenee is going into her third year as a telecommunications major on the production track. She has a concentration in digital arts and exhibits her scholastic diversity in her Japanese minor, which may offer opportunities to broaden her horizons.

She will begin her position as chief editor of WUFT-TV in the fall semester after working her way up in the WUFT-TV lab. Samrenee will be in charge of editing clips that come from major news stations, such as NBC and ABC.
Samrenee said she is grateful for the experience of working with students and professors across all areas of journalism. Sometimes classes and teacher might be difficult, but Samrenee says you just have to grin and bear it. This experience has made her able to work in various fields, including radio and television, even though she is a telecommunication major.

“You have to try everything- all the flavors,” said Samrenee.

Her goal is to work in animation or with television documentaries, such as National Geographic or the History Channel.

Representative of the ideals of the Gator Nation, Samrenee continues to bring her enthusiasm for journalism to SJVP.

Overall, Samrenee has enjoyed the exposure she has received as a UF telecommunications student.

“I love the experience,” she said, and we could almost feel her genuine admiration for the College of Journalism and the college as a whole.

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