Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue Team: Don't sweat Obama's climate change plan

By Yvonne Bertovich, Blue Team 

Attempting to come across as a superhuman force, the valiant chief executive of the USA is back, this time in a short-lived and aggressive battle against the entity of climate change, whose utter existence is still debatable.  Despite the support from scientists and Earth-enthusiasts, however, President Obama is still sweating. 
Such perspiration is stemming from perhaps a variety of sources, and no, not any of them are truly reflective of a heating planet. 

The president delivered his latest plan of action to save Mother Earth and “future generations” in the heat of June, in the middle of the day.  The reason why Obama had to remove his suit jacket was not due climate change, it’s something called summer.  It’s something called the sun.  These two notions are actually conceptually and scientifically backed, and have been for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Perhaps somewhere, beneath the unwavering exterior and the “before it’s too late” battle cry, Obama is sweating because he is fearful of opposition.  Perhaps he is fearful of actually having to react to opposition. 

He claims that, “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing,” which sounds incredibly noble albeit incredibly vague as well.

Such condemnation, according to Obama, is the continuation of coal-powered facilities and affiliations, as well as carbon pollution.  However, such leaps, especially when preached by someone who has incredible power yet little real scientific education; there is an awful lot of artful speculation.

The speculation continues in terms of the Keystone XL and the nation’s need for oil, not to mention a growing wish to avoid entangling foreign dependencies.  Obama in stating, “Our national interest would be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution,” he is essentially suggesting that we won’t know the results unless we try, but the thing is, something will come up and we never will try. If Obama really wanted the Keystone XL to be put in place, it would have happened already.

He is calling for sweeping steps and reforms to revolutionize power and production in this country, yet we barely have the resources to support current needs.

In regards to climate change as whole, how does Obama know, or how do Obama’s sources know that global heat isn’t cyclical?  Some scientists claim that these are the hottest temperatures and most extreme weather occurrences in 100 years.  What about what happened 101 years ago, or before records?

Scientifically backed or not, environmentally sound or not, superhero Obama’s latest battle against climate change and attempt to save everyone and their mother and their Mother Earth has already been brushed aside for his random visit to Africa.  Hopefully, for the President’s sake, it’s a bit cooler there. 

Like any real results coming out of this recent push against coal and carbon, and demands for cleaner, incredibly expensive energy, it’s highly doubtful.

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