Saturday, June 29, 2013

Past, Present, and Future: UF Junior’s View on Journalism -- Red Team

By: Allison Frison and Emily Blomeley

Michelle Provenzano enrolled in an introductory journalism class her freshman year of high school to see if it would heighten her interest in the field. As a result, she wrote for her school newspaper and became a Page Editor.

Those experiences led Michelle to say journalism was “her passion.”

Michelle had at work at the INC.
Michelle decided to hone her passion at UF for several reasons, such as the number of awards and recognitions the college of Journalism has received throughout the years.

It is one of the top ten journalism schools in the nation, and is home to the second largest bachelor degree journalism program in the nation.

Michelle was also attracted to UF due to the fact it offered a “firsthand experience that you didn’t have to go off campus to find,” she said.

At UF she explored different branches of journalism and communications.

She said that she eventually fell in love with production, which involves more behind the scenes work.

In the past the field of journalism was dominated by men. Michelle said, “This was largely due to the fact that women did not have a particularly strong role in the work place.”

However, this has changed drastically throughout the years.

Provenzano said, “Women are just as motivated as men, I feel they have found their place in the work force.”

She already has an idea about what goals she wants to pursue. She wants to cover a professional or college sports team; particularly a women’s soccer team.

Eventually she is aiming for a career as a communications director for a sports team.

As our interview closed, she said “I’d like to combine my love for sports, writing, and production into a career in sports communication.” With her training at the UF College of Journalism, she is well on her way.

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