Saturday, June 29, 2013

The New Camaraderie Within Journalism (Red team)

By Anika Henager and Gianna Doxey

We were anxious to gain insight about the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications along with 60 other high school students packing the Gannett Auditorium in Weimer Hall.
Speakers ranging from students and professors to Dean Diane McFarlin encouraged a sense of enterprise for multimedia communication.
As two aspiring telecommunications majors, we liked how they showed the technical aspects and wide reaching impact of each form of media.
We explored the one-year-old , state-of-the-art Innovation News Center discovering there are more communication outlets to reporting. We learned from Student Experiences Coordinator Renee Gork “It’s no longer a set track of Print, Radio, or Television.”
All three mediums are connected through digital media advancements.
“The mastery of audio, imagery and the written word all intertwine to become the ultimate multimedia journalist,” she said.
Two budding telecomunication journalists.
We were eager to begin our assignment as proud Red Team members, but first we wanted to further explore the facility.
During an engaging half-hour conversation, Selapak reassured us that “no one is limited by physical traits or location,” and that every skill can be learned and every obstacle can be overcome.
Furthermore, he informed us of the true duty of all Telecommunication majors of all concentrations: to come together to produce a final product for the good of informing the American people.
It was a learning smorgasbord for us throughout the program. We love the UF College of Journalism and Communications.

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