Saturday, June 29, 2013

On the Importance of Social Media -- Yellow Team

When searching for the latest information, the first place it appears is on social media networks. Before breaking news cuts into your favorite television program, tweets and re-tweets are already zipping around the social media world. In this day and age, “smartphones have become like a third arm” says Dr. Andy Selapak of the University of Florida. 

 Most people wouldn’t dare to walk out their front door without a cell phone in their pocket. Our world has become so obsessed with social media and smartphones that there are more users on Facebook than three times the size of the population of the United States of America. Although this is depressing how much we rely on them, the advantage of this is that news companies can reach millions of people and give them the latest updates in just a few seconds.

Unlike television programs and radio broadcasts, to post information of the latest happenings, you do not have to labor over collecting and picking up the pieces of little scraps of data. Sending a short message is just as beneficial and sparks the reader’s interest to learn more. News companies have apps now that can send you “Breaking News” right to your smartphone.

As Dr. Selapak said: “A reporter has three jobs: to gather and collect information, to learn about the latest news, and to share this material with others.” And with smartphones and social media it’s easier to do so.

--Lainie Morris

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