Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue Team: A promising step towards human equality

By Hannah Roemer, Blue Team
On June 26, the Supreme Court made history when it demanded recognition of same-sex marriages in states where it is legal and overturned California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.
These new legislations marked the start of a bright future for the gay community. More than 1,100 federal rights will be granted to gay couples married in states that recognize their unity.
But this promising progress is marred by the rest of the nation’s resistance to the oncoming changes. A majority of the states remain unmoved by the Supreme Court’s new rulings and gay couples wishing to relocate to unsympathetic states will not receive the same benefit as heterosexual couples.
In the past, being considered homosexual was an insult and to practice it meant instant social exclusion. But in this day and age, individuals can declare their preference in partner without fear of shame or rejection. Despite this new conception of gay people, gay marriage is still firmly condemned in most parts of the country.
Although the U.S. has a clear separation of church and state, religion seems to play a key role in the continuation of prohibited gay rights. But by condemning same-sex marriages, the church only helps make a martyr of the gay community. Instead of rebuking the cause, they could sort through the issue with love and respect, therefore promoting their own beliefs.  
Contrary to popular belief, Americans would actually benefit economically if same-sex marriage was legalized. There are approximately 9 million gay people in the United States. Marriage and divorce industries would have a drastic increase in clientele if these people were allowed to wed.  
Thirty states remain hostile toward the legalization of gay marriage, but the only realistic argument against it is a matter of moral opinion. People should not be denied the right to marry a loved one because of someone else’s moral obligation. The Supreme Court’s ruling is a promising step towards human equality but for now the closet is firmly closed.

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