Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue team: Immigration reform creates true land of opportunity

By Jessica Dreger, Blue Team

The “land of opportunity” is making a step in the right direction with the vote of the Senate on the immigration reform bill. This bill, aiming to create an easier path to citizenship for undocumented workers currently in America, will also please more conservative-minded politicians by tightening border control along the United States/Mexico border.

The modern American world pledges success, opportunity and hope for a more promising future, yet the path to this new world is known to be nearly impossible for undocumented workers. An exorbitant amount of time and money is put into the path to citizenship.

This difficult process should be easier, giving immigrants currently in the United States the opportunity to earn their own citizenship, thus allowing their children and families a safe and promising future.

The immigration reform bill gives these immigrants this opportunity, without allowing a free-for-all of American migration.

Jillian Bieber, a history teacher and the sponsor of the Spyglass newspaper at Braden River High School, faced difficulty on her own path to citizenship. Bieber, born and raised in England, spent seven tiring years in attempt to gain citizenship. Though she was a hard-working teacher with an American husband and three American children, the process was grueling, with tests the average American may not be able to pass, and time wasted she will not be able to gain back.

Undocumented workers often come to America and have children. These children become citizens, being born in the United States, thus making the deportation of their parents difficult and emotionally painful.

The issue of the future of immigration lies within the 2,000 mile border between Mexico and the United States. The immigration reform bill will provide for resources to protect the border, making American citizens safer.

Drug cartels are an obvious issue when referring to illegal immigration. As illegal immigrants create newer ways to bring drugs into the United States, this reform bill aims to provide the resources necessary to combat these increasingly intricate operations.

The downfall of this bill comes only from the long-standing argument between Democrats and Republicans. Once the reform gets past the stereotypical viewpoints, success may be possible and America will once again be viewed as the “land of opportunity.”

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