Saturday, June 29, 2013

Online news overview -- Yellow Team

The University of Florida hosted the annual Summer Journalism Visitation Program at the College of Journalism and Communications in Gainesville, Fla. on June 29, 2013. I had the awesome opportunity to be able to attend and participate.

Classes were divided by the students’ personal interests: multimedia, and news gathering/ reporting. After a basic introduction, we were moved to the Innovation News Center where we were taught the essentials of radio, television, internet, and social media. Specifically, my group gained enrichment from the internet essentials.

Ethan Magoc, an online managing editor, spoke to us about writing for the internet. He explained to the students that if you make a web page now, you will be a few steps ahead of the game as opposed to someone you’re competing with for a job.

“Links are the currency of internet,” said Magoc. “Make a web page, put yourself out there, and take the initiative to better your understanding about the world.”

--Jalissa Neal

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