Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue Team: Gay marriage means equal rights for all

By Amber Woodard, Blue Team
The Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage this week are positive steps as public opinion moves towards the idea of same-sex couples getting married.
Though the battle for same-sex marriage has been going on for years, Congress has been fighting to keep gay marriage illegal. Despite the actions of Congress, 13 states, such as Iowa and Rhode Island, have passed laws allowing same-sex couples to marry. It would also give them the same benefits of married couple.  
Congress has made arguments like gay marriage ruins the institution of marriage. Congress fears that if gay marriage becomes legal in the U.S. that it would encourage other countries to also allow same-sex marriage.
The public is leaning towards the idea of same-sex marriage. It seems more people are coming out and admitting they are gay.
The Congress is about equal rights for citizens of the U.S.  Citizens in the country are gay but are treated unequal for the people the people they want to be with.
The thought of marriage between same sex couples is growing in the eye of the public. So Congress’s views should grow as well and allow gay marriage.

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